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What are the Benefits of Hourly Cost Maintenance Programs?

Question: Why should an owner/operator consider an Hourly Cost Maintenance Program (HCMP) Answer: An HCMP has many different benefits depending on the owner/operators needs. In all cases an HCMP for the airframe and powerplant remains as one of the more savvy investments that helps plan for budget when confronting a major maintenance event. An HCMP evens out maintenance costs for routine, regular and preventative maintenance requirements that all owner/operators may have. There are various HCMPs to consider; [...]

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Aircraft Maintenance, what every aircraft owner needs to know.

Maintenance means the preservation, inspection, overhaul, and repair of aircraft, including the replacement of parts. The purpose of maintenance is to ensure that the aircraft remains airworthy throughout its operational life. A properly maintained aircraft is a safe aircraft. Although maintenance requirements vary for different types of aircraft, experience shows that most aircraft need some type of preventive maintenance every 25 hours or less of flying time, and minor maintenance at least every 100 hours. This is [...]

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Aircraft Engine Preservation

Corrosion can be a devastating enemy of aircraft engines, particularly those in planes that are flown infrequently or placed in storage for an extended period of time. New engines or those with new or freshly honed cylinders after a top or major overhaul are of special concern. In areas of high humidity, these have been instances where corrosion has been found in such cylinders after an inactive period of only a few days. Once these cylinders have [...]

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