Mooney International Corporation announces the “Mooney Airframe and Engine Hourly Cost Maintenance Program” in partnership with PistonPower™

Kerrville, TX/EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, Wisconsin July 22, 2019 Mooney International Corporation is proud to announce their partnership with PistonPower™ to offer the Mooney Airframe and Engine Program on all new M20 Acclaim Ultra and M20 Ovation Ultra aircraft, as well as ALL in-service Mooney aircraft, through their Authorized Dealers and Authorized Service Centers, worldwide.

The Mooney Airframe and Engine Program is an hourly cost program where the operator pays an hourly rate based on utilization which covers parts and labor for unscheduled and scheduled maintenance. The program not only provides protection from unforeseen and unscheduled maintenance expenses but also allows predictability of having a fixed budget for the operation of the aircraft or fleet. All new aircraft sold will be delivered on the Mooney Airframe and Engine Program with the buyer having the option to decline the program at time of purchase.

“With PistonPower™ our owners and operators can benefit from cost predictability, substantial peace of mind and increased aircraft residual value”,  “Now with the new Airframe and Engine Program being made available to all in-service Mooney owners/operators they can enjoy the same benefits as new Mooney buyers.”

Barry Hodkin, VP and CFO Mooney International Corporation

“We are very excited about this new strategic partnership, as it will distinguish Mooney moving forward and increase sales by adding additional options and value to each covered aircraft. We look forward to enrolling all new and the majority of in-service aircraft sold, as well as in-service aircraft currently flying.”

Ron Zilberbrand, CEO PistonPower™

PistonPower/Mooney Brochure (PDF)

Mooney Airframe Coverage (PDF)
Continental Engine Coverage (PDF)

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