Great Comments from a Few of Our Satisfied Customers

“I’ve had an opportunity to put Piston Power’s Unscheduled Maintenance Program service to the test–with a mechanical issue that could have been serious if left unattended, and would have been expensive for me. They helped resolve the problem quickly, effectively, and at no cost or inconvenience to me. I’m glad to be part of their program.”

James Fallows
Cirrus SR22

“I currently own a 2013 Cessna TTX with a TSIO 550C Continental engine. The peace of mind knowing I have a company behind me for maintaining, assisting in emergencies as I travel, doing the annuals and eventually a 2000 hour overhaul, relieves a great amount of concern financially and in safety. I believe the scheduled payments to PistonPower™ every month, for the amount of flying I do, will pay dividends over the years.”

D. Stacy Lewis

“The best piston engine program for Excel Air is PistonPower™ which offers our clients the protection they need from high maintenance costs. PistonPower™ has helped me customize programs to offer my cirrus owners which in turn increases the value of my services and their aircraft.”

Michael Morgan
Excel Air

“Finally, an engine program for the heart of general aviation – the piston engine! It’s a concept whose time has come! PistonPower™”

Mac Little
DLK Aviation, Inc.

“I have been selling aircraft for over 30 years and have owned 17 airplanes personally. PistonPower™ has addressed one of the biggest questions in regards to buying a pre-owned aircraft. “How can I be comfortable with the ongoing reliability of the engine in my new acquisition?”PistonPower™ provides peace of mind and protects me and my clients from the unforeseen. The customers really love the fact that they have this option, and PistonPower™ has helped me close several transactions.”

Barry Rutheiser
Regional Sales Manager, Premier Aircraft Sales
Cell 248-909-8286

“When I decided to pursue my dream of buying my first aircraft it was after decades of hard work. I enrolled my aircraft on PistonPower™ because I wanted to make sure my asset was going to be protected from unscheduled maintenance and my finance manager insisted it was the only way to increase the residual value when it comes time to sell.”

J. Dudley
First time Cirrus buyer

“Its about time, that is all I have to say. Seriously, why did it take until 2017 to create a maintenance program for piston aircraft? Bravo PistonPower™!”

M. C.
Regional Bank

“I track data and report it to the industry along with appraising aircraft. PistonPower™ takes the guess work out of assessing the value of an aging aircraft. I look forward to many more aircraft on your program coming across my desk.”

S. Strutz
Aircraft Appraiser

“Poplar Grove Airmotive is excited for the next step in the Aviation Maintenance World.  Our partnership with PistonPower™ will lead the way General Aviation operators look at caring for their Aircraft.”

Blake Thomas
Poplar Grove Airmotive

“Air Orlando Sales is pleased to offer a new engine program to our customers from the founder of Jet Support Services Inc. (JSSI), in business for nearly 30 years. AEPC™ has developed PistonPower™, an industry first Power By the Hour company, which allows owners to get peace of mind from unexpected engine problems. PistonPower™ has a range of programs available to match your flying needs.”

Randy Schuette
Air Orlando Sales, Inc.

O: 407-898-7251
C: 407-456-3412

“JA Air Center is pleased to offer PistonPower™ as an option to our maintenance customers as well as on all of the used aircraft we have for sale.  When purchasing a used aircraft you are taking on the risk of the flying someone else has done.  Do yourself a favor and do a thorough pre-purchase evaluation and protect yourself with PistonPower™….. it’s the smart option!”
Scott Fank
Vice President, Sales
J.A. Air Center

“AEPC’s™ PistonPower™ is an incredible program that has been a long time coming for piston aircraft owners/operators. I am proud to support and endorse PistonPower™ to my customers and clients as I believe it is a phenomenal way for them to take some of the unpredictability out of the overall cost of running their piston engines. I love that you can enroll an engine at any point in its life, that the program is transferrable when you sell the plane (which increases the aircraft’s value), and that you can choose any FAA certificated A&P to perform the repair work when needed. Without question this program will provide meaningful and long-term peace of mind to any piston-powered aircraft owner/operator.”

Neal Schwartz
Latitude Aviation LLC

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