General Aviation’s First and Only Power-by-the-Hour Program for Piston Aircraft

Welcome to PistonPower™ — general aviation’s first and only Unscheduled and Power-by-the-Hour programs for piston aircraft. Designed by aviation pros who’ve designed and built similar programs for turbine engines, PistonPower™ brings stability to your maintenance budget and peace of mind to your business and personal flying.  Click here to meet our team and learn how PistonPower™ can minimize the risk of costly unplanned repairs and protect you from catastrophic downtime.

No Risk. No Surprises.
Stabilize Your Maintenance Budget!

PistonPower™ Provides:

  • Protection from unforeseen and often costly maintenance expenses
  • Predictability of having a fixed budget for annual maintenance
  • Reassurance of having technical aviation specialists’ available days and evenings to troubleshoot problems
  • Confidence that PistonPower™ coverage increases your aircraft residual value — and is fully transferable when you sell your plane

“I chose the Piston Power program for my 2019 DA40NG because it enabled me to build a fixed maintenance expense into my shared use business model.  My plane is shared with three other pilots, who pay me a monthly rate for airplane access up to 100 hours/year each.  The fixed maintenance cost is built into this rate.  The other pilots know I have no incentive to “skimp” on maintenance, delay it due to cash flow considerations, or surprise them with some kind of ‘maintenance assessment’.  Everything is built-in. As a first-time owner of a TAA, I also found value in Piston Power’s expertise in overseeing the entire maintenance process, from spinner to rudder.  I appreciate having their experience working for me.  Their collaboration with Diamond Aircraft to tailor the program specifically for the DA40NG and it’s Austro 300 Jet-A engine gives me added confidence that my plane will be well maintained for safety, reliability, and performance.  The four of us can focus on flying, enjoying the airplane and the personal opportunities it provides us. Best regards.”

Paul Koch – N718NG

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