PistonPower coverage is available globally.

Yes, as long as they are FAA (or equivalent) licensed and authorized.

An aircraft with an airframe or engine program is considered to be worth more money due to the fact that the upcoming maintenance is pre-paid and transferable. Another way to look at PistonPower™ is that by enrolling your aircraft it will always be valued as if your engine has ZERO Time Since Overhaul. Please refer to VREF or Aircraft BlueBook for specific increased residual values.

We have several examples to demonstrate the real-world savings. Regardless of the length of time on PistonPower™, one unscheduled event could jeopardize your ability to continue operating your aircraft.

Think of PistonPower™ as your co-pilot. Anything your warranty covers we simply enhance. When you enroll on PistonPower™ Unscheduled the 3 years of coverage begins when your warranty expires, giving you up to 5 full years of protection. When you enroll into a Power-by-the-Hour airframe or engine program your unscheduled protection never expires.

The client money is placed in a Putnam Fund and is not an asset of the company. Putnam Investments currently manages over $183 Billion in assets. If the company were to dissolve, then the management team would simply return the unused monies to each contract holder.

No, as we are not an insurance company and your unscheduled event is not a claim. Your agreement will stay in force until expiration and then you have the option to renew.

Depending on the lending institution the answer is yes. If your bank or lender is not aware of the PistonPower™ benefits, we are happy to speak with them on your behalf.

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