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The Piston Power Programs Make This The Most Capable And Affordable Aircraft For The Mission

The Diamond special mission aircraft flagship DA62 MPP is currently touring the United States making waves in the airborne surveillance world. Together with Air Bear Tactical Aircraft, our DA62 MPP US distributor, and our partners Trakka Systems, Haivision, Vislink and CarteNav we have spent a busy summer and there is yet more to come. Read a story by Air Bear Tactical Aircraft. It has been an exciting summer for Air Bear, especially for our two demonstration pilots, [...]

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PistonPower & Diamond Aircraft Celebrate 3 Years

We have you covered with a Diamond Factory Airframe and Engine Maintenance Program. PistonPower and Diamond Aircraft are celebrating their 3rd year of partnership offering Diamond Aircraft owners budget stabilizing maintenance programs. If your factory warranty has recently expired or due to expire soon, Diamond Aircraft and PistonPower offer solutions to stabilize your aircraft’s maintenance budget, increase the value of your aircraft upon sale, and bring you peace of mind. There are three Diamond Factory Programs to [...]

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Pacific JetCorp Enables Filipinos to Discover Diamonds – Business Air News

Nel Sarmiento says there is an appetite in the Philippines for Diamond aircraft. Pacific JetCorp is finding success as the Diamond Aircraft representative in the Philippines. The company has been active in the business aviation industry since the 1980s, principally engaged in sales and marketing. It has previously represented OEMs including Cessna and AgustaWestland. Partner Nel Sarmiento is looking forward to offering PistonPower programmes to clients with Diamond aircraft, adding that the Philippines, with more than 7,000 [...]

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Diamond Brings Power-By-The-Hour to Special Mission Aircraft – Business Air News

PistonPower was created by the same group who formed the JSSI programme for turbine based aircraft and now provides a unique service that eliminates maintenance cost surprises, covered by an hourly fee. The programme is now available on MPP variants. Diamond Aircraft's special mission aircraft division has announced that the PistonPower power-by-the-hour maintenance programme is now also available on Diamond's special mission aircraft line-up. PistonPower's power-by-the-hour maintenance programme is an effective tool to keep direct operating costs [...]

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Are Engine Maintenance Programs Worth The Money?

Like any kind of “extended coverage” arrangement, engine maintenance programs (EMPs) are polarizing subjects. Some say they’re unquestionably worth the value they deliver, while others are just as sure that they’re worthless. What do early color TVs have to do with first-gen turbine aircraft engines? Well, more than you might think. In the early days of “The Wonderful World of Color,” you’d be lucky if the old RCA would last through the show. Their cathode-ray and vacuum [...]

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Clearing up the mysteries and misconceptions of repowering Diamond DA 42 Aircraft with new or overhauled diesel engines.

The market for Diamond DA 42 multiengine diesel-powered aircraft has matured now that the aircraft has been on the market since 2006. The aircraft and its powerplants have, like any groundbreaking and innovative product, experienced many iterations as the new diesel engine technology proved itself over time. Usually an airframer introduces a new airframe with a conventional, proven powerplant. With the introduction of the DA 42 Diamond broke with that tradition and introduced an entirely new airframe [...]

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What are the benefits of an Aircraft’s Oil Analysis? (S.O.A.P Tests)

Have you ever heard the term “Oil Analysis”? If so, do you have any idea as to what it means and why I’m asking you this question? Oil analysis is a tool that should be used by your maintenance provider. In my personal experience on several occasions the use of oil analysis was instrumental in preventing the fleet of aircraft we maintained from having major engine failures. The reason I want to address this is the vast [...]

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What Does “Airworthy” Really Mean?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations refer to the term “airworthy”, but you won’t find the term in the normal definitions section. Below you will see a couple of sources with the official definition. First in PlaneSense- General Aviation Information (FAA-H-8033-19A): Airworthiness Two conditions must be met for a standard category aircraft to be considered airworthy: The aircraft conforms to its type design (type certificate). Conformity to type design is attained when the required and proper components [...]

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Low Time Engine/Airframe May Not Mean Quality and Value

Reciprocating Engines Engine First Reading the “Aircraft for Sale” advertisements can be interesting and misleading. As aviation-oriented people, we are conditioned to look for certain bits of information which we believe will allow us to evaluate the product offered for sale. In the case of airplanes, this information can generally be segregated into three categories – airframe, avionics and engine. There does seem to be information on engines which cannot be emphasized too strongly. Engine information is [...]

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Lost or Destroyed Aircraft Maintenance Records

Aircraft records that have been lost or destroyed are a highly debated subject. Some say that 30% to 50% of the value of an aircraft resides with the maintenance records. Whether this is accurate or not, they represent value and should be treated with care and respect their value and impact on your aircraft. Occasionally, the records for an aircraft are lost or destroyed. In order to reconstruct them, it is necessary to establish the total time [...]

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