Aircraft Engine Preservation

Corrosion can be a devastating enemy of aircraft engines, particularly those in planes that are flown infrequently or placed in storage for an extended period of time. New engines or those with new or freshly honed cylinders after a top or major overhaul are of special concern. In areas of high humidity, these have been instances where corrosion has been found in such cylinders after an inactive period of only a few days. Once these cylinders have [...]

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US Congress 2020 Cares Act

US Congress 2020 Cares Act creates “special tax refund from prior years” window of opportunity for purchases of business aircraft during 2020. The Covid 19 pandemic presents challenges for businesses trying to navigate the economic contraction caused by it. However, for those considering purchasing an aircraft for business purposes, Congress placed a special stimulus provision in the CARES Act to encourage such purposes be made before year end 2020. The Coronavirus Aid Relief, and Economic Security Act [...]

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