By Diane White, Twin & Turbine, April 2, 2018 – Reprinted with Permission

In the jet aircraft world, owners typically rely on engine service programs to manage the risk of costly unplanned expenses. Yet owners of piston aircraft had no similar protection available. A new company has launched an engine maintenance program focused specifically on the piston market. Called PistonPower, the new program covers both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events.

“There’s been a real need for this type of program among piston aircraft owners,” said Ron Zilberbrand, the company’s president and founder. Zilberbrand, who founded Jet Support Services, Inc., the independent provider of service programs for turbine engines. “Now with the PistonPower hourly cost maintenance program, these owners can benefit from cost predictability and substantial peace of mind. Owners can choose between three program levels and the program is available for just about every engine make and model.

PistonPower Unscheduled covers 100 percent of parts and labor for all unscheduled maintenance of covered engine components. PistonPower Unscheduled Plus adds 100 percent parts and labor for all unscheduled maintenance of covered aircraft accessories.

“And PistonPower Scheduled adds 100 percent parts and labor coverage for scheduled service such as annual inspections and overhauls, so owners don’t have to worry about costly unplanned expenses and can instead focus on enjoying their aircraft,” Zilberbrand concluded.

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